Zeitgeist - Realize the truth

Who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory? This Zeitgeist movie, cut into three separate videos are all highly interesting and thought provoking. A comprehensive list of source material can be found here and the public statement he's trying to make is here.

The Greatest Story Ever Told (26:20 minutes)

The program shows Jesus as being the same old Sun God that people have worshiped for ages. That the stories in the Bible are incredibly similar to the stories of other older religions. Of course people borrow ideas and stories from things they've heard or read before, but the similarities shown are astounding. I'd say it's a very valid analysis of religion and how to make one.

All The World's A Stage (33:24 minutes)

This movie is scary and highly provocative. Basically it says that 9/11 was performed by the US government to increase it's own power. It shows exactly how many coincidences that had to happen at the precise time for this "terrorist attack" to be as devastating as it was. T

Don't mind the men behind the curtain (47:05 minutes)

I've read articles concerning this before, but the presentation here is exceptional and worth a careful view. It shows just how much power the international bankers have and how that the economy of a country is so totally in control of the Central bank. The Central bank controls the interest rates and the inflation, constantly loaning money to the government with an interest. The bank also regulates the value of the currency by increasing or decreasing the amount of money being printed. The focus is on the American Federal Reserve and it's tight ties to the major banking families in the US. The Wall street crash of 1929 is described as biggest robbery of all time. I'm highly surprised that The Fed is privately owned and that they wanted USA to join the WW I, the WW II and the Vietnam war to earn even more money. And with a pointer to the second video, the American governments War on Terrorism is the same thing all over again. According to the movie it's all a huge money scam.

The last 20 minutes describes an intricate plan to come to a point in the future where we have a "One world government". It's somewhat of a doomsday scenario, and a scary one indeed. A good background to have in regard to the power of media is to watch Outfoxed. Who are all these "men behind the curtain"?

As the statement said, the whole purpose of these videos is to act as an eye opener for people to look more critically at the world around us. I've always thought I've tried to look at the world from all angles but these films really act as a cold shower wake up. I guess the end comment in the statement sums it up perfectly:
"It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized."
Time for all of us to realize.

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Anonymous said...

Jag har inte sett hela filmen än, men problemet med sådana "eye-openers" brukar vara att de är baserade på en stor mängd fakta som kan tolkas på helt olika sätt, även om de alla är sanna - för att inte tala om att de använder faktakällor som själva är vinklade tolkningar av ett motsägelsefullt material.

Konspirationsteorier fungerar för det mesta på ett väldigt likartat sätt, och alla bygger de på spektakulära tolkningsscheman. De är lockande för många inte minst för att de får troende att känna sig utvalda - "vi vet något som de flesta inte vet!". Det ger ett slags självkänsla, en trygghet i kunskap, verklig eller inbillad.

Nåja, det ska bli intressant att se klart Zeitgeist.. Det lär finnas sidor som granskar dess faktakällor.

Anonymous said...


Claes Mogren said...

Tackar för kommentaren och länken till mitchblog! Håller med om att filmen är full med vinklad fakta, men sättet som det presenteras på är väldigt medryckande. Gäller att vara vaken jämt och inte ryckas med av propaganda, vilket håll det än är riktat.