Good programmers and getting things done

Now I'm back from vacation and have been catching up on my blog feeds. I'm sharing all the posts and articles I feel are truly interesting in my Google Reader feed (and page), but the following two deserves a special mention:

Jeff Atwood's "Yes, But What Have You *Done*?" makes me want to "Do it f***ing now"!

The blog post at RevSys called "A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality" talks about expert programmers and really makes me want to be one.

Both touch on the subject of getting things done and being able to show some finished work. I feel like I'm doing too little at too many places, only touching the surface of the projects and communities I'm involved in and spending too much time reading and talking. Guess it's time to start getting things done!

P.S If anyone cares, I've given in and can now be found on the infamous Facebook.

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